Registration 2023-2024
Registration of new Preschool candidates is open for the scholastic year 2023-2024



a- CCJ’s gates open at 7:00 a.m. to allow students into the school premises throughout the school days, Monday through Friday, except on predefined holidays and sudden days off.

b- Access to the school premises is allowed only through the main entrances which are kept under surveillance.

c- The school day begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 2:40 p.m. (seven teaching hours every day). 

d- The main entrance gates are closed at 7:30 a.m. Latecomers will be detained at the entrance gate until the morning program of anthems and hymns is over.

e- Morning tardiness will lead to the following measures:

  1. The first morning delay denies the student entrance to the first class period.
  2. The second morning delay denies him/her entrance to the first and second class periods. 
  3. The third morning delay denies him/her entrance to the first class period,and the student will be given a written warning.
  4. The fourth morning delay leads to a full day in-school suspension.
  5. Repeated tardiness could lead to other measures, such as Saturday detention or out-of- school suspension (the number of days will be decided by the administration).

 f- Upon arrival at school in the morning, students head to their section’s playground. They stand straight in their designated places, place their bags on the floor, and participate respectfully in the morning assembly. After prayer, students follow the teachers to their classrooms in an organized manner. During morning assembly, all students should be present on the playground, not in the classrooms or in the hallways, except on rainy days. In this case, they will be given authorization by the supervisor to stand/line up in the hallways.

 g- In case students want to go to the school church or cafeteria, they should return to their playground before the first bell. During recess, all students should be present on the playground, neither in the classrooms nor in the hallways.


a- Students are allowed to miss class only in case of an emergency (severe sickness, death of a direct family member, accident, or other circumstance beyond their control). In this case, parents should inform the school about the absence of their child on the same day either in person or by calling the section’s secretary before 9:00 a.m. 

b- On the day of return to school, a written justification for absence signed by the student’s parents/guardians (stating the reason for the absence and the duration) should be presented to the Head of Section. In the event of the absence for two days or exceeding two days, a medical report is required. 

c- If the student does not present the parental note or the medical report on the day of return to the school, he/she will not be admitted into class.

d- Students are responsible for class-related work missed due to absence. 

e- In case of frequent, unjustifiable absences, the Rector will take the appropriate measures.

f- The student is not allowed to leave his/her classroom or skip one or more class periods without a written permission from the Head of Section.