´╗┐Our Sports Department is the beating heart of CCJ.

    Our Sports Department is the beating heart of CCJ. The Sports Department organizes sporting events and activities that are year round and embedded into the curriculum. Managed by a group of professionals, CCJ’s P.E. Department offers the following programs:

  • Throughout the school year, the P.E. Department is in charge of our students’ sport classes, sporting activities, events, ceremonies, and interscholastic championships. The P.E. Department sets the sports program and schedule for all classes and organizes student participation in all disciplines throughout the year (swimming, basketball, football, gymnastics, etc.)
  • The P.E. Department, in collaboration with Central Club, organizes the extracurricular activities that are carried out by students outside the school program.
  • The P.E. Department organizes and manages the school summer camp, Central Academy, which involves students in interactive and lively sporting activities for nine weeks during the summer vacation.
  • The P.E. Department takes part in the organization of parades and carnivals that are part of the school yearly macro-project, such as CCJ’s 2014 International Carnival in the city of Jounieh and CCJ’s 2010 Let’s Walk for Biodiversity in the city of Jounieh as well, the annual Christmas parade, and others.  

      The Mission of our P.E. Department is to:

  • develop well-disciplined students who follow rules and respect them;
  • develop leadership skills by giving the opportunity to our students to lead but at the same time follow;
  • promote the spirit of teamwork and acceptance of the others’ opinions and suggestions;
  • enhance the students’ social skills and interaction with their peers and elders;
  • promote the value of respect;
  • build the spirit of sportsmanship and humility, accepting failure and learning from it;
  • enhance the students’ patience, endurance, persistence, self-confidence, and strength;
  • foster the value of health in children so that they know how to live a wholesome lifestyle;
  • promote the value of positive and constructive competition for a better future.